Arctic Series


  1. Our windows are maintenance free, constructed with more vinyl than most competitive brands to add strength and integrity to the frame and sash. They won’t warp, crack or peel.
  2. Multi-chamber vinyl construction, with fusion welded corners add extra insulating value, strength and a perfect seal.
  3. The wrap around feature of the solid vinyl ridged nailing fin helps eliminate drafts, water infiltration and allows for easy and accurate installation.
  4. A variety of colours to choose from to enhance and beautify your exterior.
  5. 3/4” Double Glazed Sealed unit maximizes the insulating value, reducing energy costs. Low “E” Glass reduces condensation and ultra violet rays, preventing sun bleaching of furniture, floors and window treatments.
  6. An easier to lock and unlock multi-point locking system* holds the window sash tightly closed to the frame weather strip for the best performance against air infiltration.
  7. Smooth contoured and compact design fold down handle* reduces interference of window coverings, with a gear ratio for easy operation and convenient for those with special needs.