Arctic Series


Active Self-Cleaning Glass Frosted, Double Frosted

  • Bronze or Grey (light tint shading) Solar "e" Glass
  • Argon Gas Filled
  • 10% Krypton enhanced Argon - Krypton available in triple glaze only
  • Glue chip option
  • Tempered
  • Triple glazed
  • Double Low "E" for Triple Glazed (2 sheets of Low "E")

Advantages of Solar "E" Glass

  • 2 1/2 times more efficient than regular clear glass
  • In summer it keeps heat out, in winter it keeps heat in
  • Reduces damagin UV rays, protecting your interior drapes, upholstery and carpeting from early fading. Energy advantage Low "E" glass in place of ordinary clear single pane glass saves over 250 gallons of oil over the life of a window
  • Our glass uses Warm Edge Technology
  • Super Spacer has a higher "R" value than metal spacers
  • Best thermal performance
  • A healthier indoor environment
  • Protection against heat loss
  • Warmest possible edge leads to less condensation
  • A powerful barrier between you and outside noise
  • Double pane clear glass "R" value = 2.08 centre of glass
  • Double pane solar "E" glass "R" value = 3.42 centre of glass
  • Triple pane solar "E" glass "R" value = 5.59 centre of glass
  • Triple pane solar "E" glass with Krypton gas "R" value = 7.09 centre of glass

Higher "R" value shows better insulation value of the glass.

Low "E" Field test houses

  • Two identical houses, one has Energy Advantage High solar Heat Gain (HSHG) Low "E" the other house has Low Solar Heat Gain (LSHG) Low "E"
  • Across 10 different Canadian cities the HSHG saved an average 13% to 17% on energy savings vs. clear insulated glass
  • Winter tests show that HSHG has an 8.7% savings in natural gas costs when compared to LSHG
  • HSHG also had a 1.3% avings in electricity when compared to LSHG