Arctic Series


Grills add a sense of timeless beauty or contemporary flair to any window. Whether you choose regular squares, prairie style or a custom design, our grills are available in a range of colours as well as pewter, brass or Georgian contoured styles.

Prairie/Queen Anne Custom grills not available with triple glazed glass.

  • SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) this method gives the look of multiple pieces of glass. The SDL bar is adhered to the glass using aircraft grade double sided tape.
  • SDL comes in 3 colours - white, hickory and golden oak. You can also customize the SDL bars by first priming them. This allows the SDL bar to become stainable and will enable you to stain them any colour you desire.
  • SDL is available in 1” and 2” applications.

See custom Grills on pages 51-54

Colonial Custom & Architectural Prairie / Queen Anne