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Who is Martindale Window & Door

Established in 1943, family owned and operated, Martindale Window and Door Inc. has been supplying the highest quality products and service in the window and door industry for over six decades.

As a Windsor, Ontario, Canada based company, Martindale is constantly striving to better serve our customers. This we feel is the key to our longevity and success. That’s why Martindale is one of the most progressive window and door companies in the area.

Progressive in our thinking because we have set a high standard for ourselves. As a whole, we are not only a window and door company but a consulting company. The end result is an experienced and knowledgeable sales staff with technical expertise. We are able to examine each client’s unique situation, qualify their needs, make recommendations without bias and determine a plan of action that helps the customer make the best choice possible. Martindale will satisfy your requirements and overcome any unforeseen obstacles along the way.

Consult with Martindale Window and Door Inc. Trust our experience and integrity to help you make the right decision.