Arctic Series


Martindale Arctic Copy of Warranty

Arctic series windows are warranted against such defects in material that might result in blistering, peeling, flaking, corroding of frame or sash members for the lifetime of the product from the date of installation. This warranty on the vinyl frame and vinyl sash members shall remain in effect only if normal cleaning practices are followed periodically. This warranty shall be null and void if harmful cleaning solutions or products including, but not limited to, Acetone, Petroleum Products or abrasive compounds are used.

Lifetime Warranty on Super Spacer Insulating Glass

Arctic series warrants that the insulating glass units contained in the windows will conform to the federal specification for insulating glass units fabricated from select quality glass and under normal conditions there will not be an obvious obstruction of vision, which is the result of film formation or dust collection between the interior glass surfaces, for as long as you own your home. If this should occur, Martindale will replace free of charge any defective sealed units with new sealed units including installation cost. This warranty will be void if any liquid set film or plastic film is applied to glass other than 3M Residential Window Film installed by an Authorized Dealer and subject to 3M Residential Window Film Warranty Provisions.

Lifetime Warranty on Hardware

Arctic series windows warrants the hardware will remain in good operational condition for the lifetime of the product. Should this occur, Martindale will provide new hardware free of charge.

Transferable Window Warranty

While this warranty is transferable to future owners of the property, Martindale’s obligation under the warranty will continue if notice of the transfer in ownership is forwarded to Martindale within thirty (30) days of new owners taking possession of the property in question, where the warranted product is installed. Should the subsequent owner fail to notify Maritndale of their intention to continue the warranty, the warranty will expire automatically without the possibility of revival, thirty (30) days after the owner takes ownership of the said property. To make a claim under this warranty, the owner must notify Martindale WIndow & Door Inc. within thirty (30) days after defect has first appeared. This notification must include: 1) Name and address of the owner2) A copy of invoice and date of installation 3) A brief description of the defect for which warranty is requested.