Arctic Series

Wood Jamb Extension / Interior Trim

Martindale Windows can be ordered with an array of different wood options.

We offer a high grade eastern white pine as a standard wood jamb for painting. Also available is: clear pine, oak, maple, mahogany and poplar. Matching interior trim is available for all full frame change replacement windows 2 3/4” trim is what we use.

Our jamb extensions can be ordered to fit any configuration from standard 4 9/16” walls up to 9/16”. We also offer custom sizes to fit any application.

All our jamb extensions are 3/4” thick which allows for easier installation of casing while adding extra strength to the window.

All jambs are securely fastened by either screws or staples depending on the window.

Martindale also offers a maintenance free alternative to wood jamb extensions. They start with a wood jamb and cap it in extruded PVC vinyl that is colour matched to the inside of the window. Only available in white.

DWR: Martindale can also provide drywall return. This product allows the customer to finish drywall into the window instead of using wood. We use a 2 step drywall return which allows for 3/4” drywall and 1/2” drywall